onProp | Glossary of Terms

The company is the organization that owns the facility. A company can own more than one facility.
The facility is the location where the individual units are contained.
The unit is the actual storage unit. This is what is leased to the tenants.
Unit templates define the specific details of the units that make up the facility. The template holds information regarding the unit size, door style, etc.
A user is a person with access to administer units and data within the onProp web site. Several users can be set up for a company.
The tenant is the person/persons with whom the lease agreement is made. A lease is assigned a primary tenant, and can have several extra tenants as well.
Lockout describes a unit that has had a lock placed on the door when the tenant's payments are delinquent.
The lease is the agreement made between the company and the tenant allowing the tenant to use the unit for the specified time.
A report displays data about a specific facility, or about all of the facilities under one company. Some examples are vacant unit listing, money due today, late payments, etc.
A task is a work item that can be attached to a specific unit. Examples are locking out a unit, checking a unit for vacancy, retrieving a key, etc.